Kong Mesh

Kong Mesh Helm Charts

Artifact HUB

Add the Kong Mesh Helm repository

helm repo add kong-mesh https://kong.github.io/kong-mesh-charts

Installing Kong Mesh using the Helm Charts

Create the kong-mesh-system namespace:

kubectl create namespace kong-mesh-system

Upload the license secret to the cluster:

kubectl create secret generic kong-mesh-license -n kong-mesh-system --from-file=/path/to/license.json

NOTE: The name of the file should be license.json, unless otherwise specified in values.yaml.

Deploy the Kong Mesh Helm Chart:

helm repo update
helm upgrade -i -n kong-mesh-system kong-mesh kong-mesh/kong-mesh

Artifact Hub

Artifact Hub references to these charts at https://artifacthub.io/packages/helm/kong-mesh/kong-mesh


Apache 2.0 License